Heroic Souls RPG

Crystal Colors for Magic Schools

Abjuration – violet
Conjuration – red, except

(healing) – light green

Divination – pearl white, except

(scrying) – clear

Enchantment – indigo
Evocation (an oddly most discerning school)

(force) – light violet

(fire) – light red (NOT pink!)

(water, cold) – light blue

(electricity, light) – light yellow

(air) – light gray

(sonic) – light orange

Illusion – orange, except

(phantasm, shadow) – black

Necromancy – green
Transmutation – blue, except

(polymorph) – yellow

Design Entry 001
Initial Set Up
  • Set up small bits of the wiki, log, and other pages to facilitate work.
  • Invited design members to game.

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