City of the World’s Desires –

a Heroic Souls RPG Campaign

What is Heroic Souls RPG?

Heroic Souls is a prototype system that attempts to meld a standard level based d20 system with a looser progression. The goal is to allow players to develop organically throughout their career by dividing progression into 4 directions: Combat, Social, Technical, and Heroism.

Directions of Progression

A character progresses through their career by gaining experience in one of four directions. Testing one’s skills in battle grants Combat experience; diplomatic encounters gain a character Social experience; practicing a trade advances Technical experience. Finally, deeds of grandeur promote a character’s Heroic soul.

What is the City of the World’s Desire

Within our world, Constantinople stood at the crossroads of east and west. The capital city of two grand empires and a major hub of the silk road the city spanned the Bosporus straights as a bastion desired by both Christian and Muslim worlds.
In the design for this world, the main focus will be on a similar city in a fantastical world of competing religious beliefs, philosophies of magic, and divisions created by both culture and species. The story is planned to start in a time analogous to the 1450’s. An emergent eastern empire seeks to capture the city after being thwarted in previous attempts over the last century by a loose and shifting alliance of western powers that simultaneously propped up and stole from one of the oldest empires in the world.

The Plan

I have invited all of you to this portal to both share my progress on this system and campaign, but also to solicit your feedback, ideas, and various talents as my errant work so inspires you. As we learn to utilize this platform, I hope to be able to integrate all of your input into the creative process to create a magnificent campaign setting and system.

Heroic Souls RPG

Jikuu Goldsmithers